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Eye health is so important to The Glasses Factory; eye care is a core part of our brand focus and we know it’s why customers return to us. With eye health, there is one thing to remember: Have regular eye examinations. This maxim is part of a healthy lifestyle and it is recommend that you have an eye examination once every two years – although you should have one sooner if you think you need it.

As a little extra knowledge never hurt anyone, we’ve pulled together some information about some of the most common eye health defects and issues.


This is when the eye is oval-shaped, like a rugby ball, and results in blurry vision unless corrected by an expert. Astigmatisms are very common and can usually be corrected by the right prescription glasses.


This is a term for a group of eye disorders resulting from damage to the optic nerve (the nerve connecting the eye to the brain). If left untreated, glaucoma can cause irreparable damage to a sufferer’s vision. Eye drops are the most common treatment and they can be very effective. Regular eye examinations can detect whether any further action is required by an ophthalmologist.


This is best known as short sightedness and it is when a person can see better up close than further away. If someone is myopic, their eyes are a little too long and their vision can be rectified with the right prescription lens glasses.


This is best known as long sightedness and is when a person can see better further away than they can up close. A hyperopic person’s eyes are a little too small and their vision can usually be rectified with the right prescriptive lens glasses.


This is when the natural lens in the eye becomes harder. Up close, this lens usually needs to change shape to produce a clear image, but the presbyopic lens is unable to flex sufficiently. Treatment requires a separate lens prescription for near-vision tasks. This can be addressed by single vision, bifocal or varifocal glasses.

Macula Degeneration

This is a wearing down of the tissues at the back of the eye, and it is most common in older people. It can result in visual disturbances in the centre of the visual field and it can lead to blindness if it is left untreated. An eye examination can help detect early signs. After detection, we can refer you to a specialist.


This is the clouding of the crystalline lens inside the eye. Cataracts most often occur in older people, but they can affect people of any age. They can be treated by a simple operation. Afterwards, usually only reading glasses are required for the person to see clearly.

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